Performance Aids

Every now and then, we might need a reminder of how best to work with students with varying degrees of skill or disability.  Or perhaps we're just looking for a simple way to communicate our ideas on how to teach or organize a topic.

That's what the documents below are for.  They are each only 1-2 pages in length and designed to efficiently communicate an idea that will help us all increase our skills as educators.

How to Create Verbal Learning Opportunities - download
  • The purpose of this document is to provide five strategies that can be used to during play interactions with students that will enhance your chances of creating verbal learning opportunities
How to Make a Line Graph with Phase Lines  -  excel 2007    excel 2003/XP
  • The purpose of this document is to provide you with instructions for how to create a line graph in Excel.  It provides you with step-by-step directions that will take you through entering your data, making a graph, addding phase lines, making your graph look professional, and inserting it into a document
Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) Worksheets   -   Reduction    Increase
  • The purpose of these worksheets is to help you systemtically select appropriate foundational techniques to include in a BIP.  They each provide a listing of all of the general techniques available to either reduce or increase a behavior, and you can then specifically adapt these for your specific student.