About Me


Hello! My name is Steven Celmer.

I am a behavior analyst who has been working in the field of educational consulting for past five years and eLearning instructional design for the past two. Having performed most of my work in rural areas, I've always been interested in using the internet and developing a website as a tool to complement my services - thus the site that you see here.

I have to admit that I've learned a lot in creating it, and it's been an extremely valuable asset in helping to spread my work. My hope is that everyone that finds it will be able to take away something new that will help improve their own service delivery.

If you have any questions over anything related to autism, instructional design, or behavior analysis in general, of if you just want to tell me that you found the material on here helpful, just send me an email. I really enjoy making new connections with other professionals who are working in the same field as me.